Reviews & Testimonials


  • Mo  Francis has been known to me for over a number of years, as an accomplished musician with exceptional talent and proven skills as a Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist, and Band Member. 

Mo's musicianship and her recognition as a very organized, hardworking, and reliable individual who is well aware of her responsibilities, has opened many doors to opportunities for her. These include roles such as Performer/Folk Lore Researcher and Consultant with the world-famous Jamaica Folk Singers, Music Instructor with the Jamaica Fine Arts Center, Singer and Guitarist with the New York-based Folk Legacy Singers, Band Member for world-renowned artists such as Burning Spear, and Studio Instrumentalist for a number of recording artists.

Mo has the skill sets and discipline that will enable her associates and students to succeed in their musical endeavors, and makes her a definite asset to any organization, group or individual that may utilize her services.

Mo  is…simply put…among the best of the best!



  • Mo Francis is a master musician who as her technique and mastery of instruments gets better;her humility only increases. She has made music a way to increase her Spiritual Essence and to share music as a form of Love and Love as a musical expression that is beyond words. Through her ART she not only makes better musicians but with her attitude she helps to make us beings trying to be better Hu-mans This is the way of a Great Teacher.  



  • As a past student of MoTreble Studios, I would have to say that it was a great experience. You can see that Mo has a passion for music and you cannot help but to enjoy your music lessons.In Addition, she has a vast knowledge of music and won't hesitate to answer any questions you have. Keep up the great work.



  • I am a Student and band member at Mo Treble Studios. Mo Francis is an extraordinaire and incomparable Musician/ Teacher/ Performer/ Recording Engineer/ Music Therapist who has studied and mastered her craft well.As a fellow graduate of Julliard School Of Music, band member and Student, Mo's exceptional skills as a Musician and Teacher have impacted my life to become a better musician and human. I have toured the world playing music with her and under her direction as band leader,Musician/ Performer/and Teacher, students, audience and musicians are in constant awe of her skills. Through her humility and passion for Music ,I am a professional Saxophonist/ Keyboardist/Artist. I will always be a Student and band member at Mo Treble Studios.



  • With her intricate beautiful-sounding guitars, and other instruments like bass, keyboard, cello, banjo, flute just to name a few.  Mo Francis is one of the most talented Musician/ Performer/ Music Therapist/Mentor and one of the best Music Teachers who has excelled at mastering different genre of Music within the category of Jazz/Folk/Classical/Reggae Gospel and more.As a student/ band member and musician at Mo Treble Studios I have learnt the art and expressions of sounds through music  and have become a master of my instruments, Mo has the gift of teaching, and through her humility and passion will reach students of all ages and levels.



  • AS a fellow musician I can honestly say that Mo has one of the best gifts any musician could possess......she has passion! Top that off with her diverse musical ability and a humility that makes her completely relatable and easy to learn from. She legitimately cares about her students and has been such an encourager to so many including me. I would recommend her to students of all ages and levels. She will bring out the best in you.



  • The moment I met Mo I knew she was going to be an inspiration. Her demeanor portrays her love for music. The love that she shares with her students. I sat in several of her classes and watched her students go from being afraid of their instrument to not wanting to put them down.
    Mo has even inspired me to start learning to play drums, something I have never dreamt of. In my opinion, her reputation precedes her. One would not regret being in her company


  • When God created Music he was clearly thinking of Mo Francis {Maureen, Maurs}, if you look closely at her name the word Music is right there. Mo is a genius and a professional in music. She has mastered a number of musical instruments and is great at teaching and performing music. 

Under her direction, students and band members have become great musicians.



  • Learning should be fun and exciting. If you want to have such a learning experience, my friend of many years, Maureen Francis will give you just that! Her love for music is evident in the way she teaches and she is not only experienced, but she is qualified as well. If you have a desire to learn from the very best, look no further because Miss Francis is exactly what you need. Whether you are a beginner or you have had some experience she will get you to the next level and beyond. The choice is yours, I think you deserve the best! Don't you?

           Paula Knox